PRV2 - Bib Nosed

Product Code(s):WEPRV2 | Pressure Reducing Valves

General Description
A range of 65mm nominal diameter 'high-pressure' balanced fire hydrant regulating valves comprising an 'ELEMENT' fitted to an appropriate valve body and suitable for both on and off-shore applications.

Application Description
For connection to a high pressure supply (generally up to 20 barg) operational pressure, the valves provide an approximately constant reduced outlet pressure (which can be set in situ) for fire fighting, reasonably irrespective of inlet pressure. This enables a uniform fire fighting pressure to be maintained at any hydrant valve irrespective of its position in the system (i.e. different floors in a high-rise building or around an oil rig). It also protects the Fire-Fighter on the nozzle from pressure surges in the system.

• Gun Metal
• Titanium
• Stainless Steel
• Bronze
• Steel
• Aluminium Bronze
• Duplex Stainless Steel
• Super Duplex Stainless Steel

Flanges In:
• N/A

Flanges Out:
• N/A

• Seals Kit
• 2 Year Recommended
• Service Kit


Installation Details:
The unit can be fitted to any conventional valve body of right-angle, oblique, ob-nose, horizontal or bib-nose configuration, or into specially designed 'manifolds' where more than one hose outlet is required to be controlled by one or more 'elements'. The inlet of the valve body or manifold should be rated for operation at the un-regulated line pressure.