FHV - Ob Nosed

Product Code(s):WEFHVON | Hydrant Valves

General Description
A range of 65mm nominal diameter 'low-pressure' fire hydrant landing valves suitable for both on- and off-shore applications.

Application Description
Universal 'DUAL-SEAL' type.
Primary shut-off is by RUBBER-to-METAL seating but a secondary METAL-to METAL seating is also incorporated in the design.

OB-NOSE configuration is a variation of the BIB-NOSE having its operating spindle offset 30 degrees from vertical. This gives improved hydraulic performance and facilitates easier operation when installed in a cabinet.

• Gun Metal
• Titanium
• Stainless Steel
• Bronze

Flanges In:
• N/A

Flanges Out:
• ANSI 150 FF-2.5''

• Seals Kit
• 2 Year Recommended
• Service Kit

7 kg

Installation Details:
Inlet: FLANGED or THREADED (male or female) to ANY client requirement, either integral or fabrication.
Standard Outlet: 2.5" Instantaneous female with single twist release mechanism to BS336.
Optionally 2.5" BSP thread, male or female, or other standards can be fitted.