William Eagles RAH In-Line Flow Controller

Product Code(s):WE060 | Inline Pressure Reducers

General Description

RAH Hydrant pressure reducers are avaiable in both fixed and portable variants which meet BS 336 for fire hose couplings and acillary equipment for the mechanical design of reducing hydrant pressure to a manageable level.


The portable version which has male and female instantaneous couplings, can be either plugged directly into the fire hydrant isolation valve or within the hose run from the hydrant to the equipment being used. The fixed version is designed to to be fitted between flanges behind the hydrant outlet valve.

Application Description
The pressure reducers contain an elasomeric device profiled so as the water pressure increases the ring deforms and the effective bore is corresondingly reduced. Available fixed or with portable version with a full range of couplings available including BS 336 Storz NH etc

• Gun Metal
• Bronze
• Aluminium Bronze

Flanges In:
• N/A

Flanges Out:
• N/A

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